About Us

Education reform debates or discussions in the country have been limited to ‘We need to change the system’ or ‘Rote learning is bad. We should be taught practical things.’ or ‘Private schools are charging so much money. It should all be free.’ All of these might be legitimate arguments but the people making them don’t know what they want or why these changes are needed. There is a very big knowledge gap amongst citizens when it comes to the different aspects of the education sector.

We are seeing citizens becoming more aware about different policies of the government and this website is something that we believe will help citizens understand different facets of education in the country. This understanding will hopefully lead to better debates and better demands by the common man/woman of the country. There are many reforms which are proposed and or implemented in the country and there is no place where these are explained in detail for the citizens.

The website’s main purpose is to be a platform to share information and updates about reforms in the field of education that are either implemented or proposed. We want to create a space where people with different points of view can educate everyone else on the different aspects of the reforms which happen in the education space.

This is an experiment as of now. We do not claim to be a ‘news source’. We are hoping that over time, our writers will make this a reliable place to get information about different education reforms.

We would love it if you could tell us more about how to improve the website. You can email us apoorv@educationreforms.in for now.

Thank you.