Education Data : How do we present it in such a way that people engage with it?

Reliable data is the cornerstone of any reform. It helps us pinpoint specific changes that need to be made. It helps us understand what is working and what needs to be tweaked/changed. There are major challenges with data in our country. They are availability, reliability and accessibility. Education is one sector where these challenges are even more apparent. When we talk about reform. It is very important the we back it up with data. It is also very important that we present this data in a way which invites people to engage with it and makes it easier for them to understand.

‘No Child Left Behind’ is leaving children behind

No child left behind also known as the no detention policy has been one of the reasons why so many of India's children have been left behind. The law clearly states that no school is allowed to detain a child till they finish grade eight. There can be no examination based on which students are asked to leave the school or repeat a grade. If a child doesn't pass the evaluation, additional help is to be given to that child. There are a lot of problems which have surfaced after the implementation of this law. Most of them were something that could have been predicted because we have seen them play out in other countries. Before we push kids to attend school for so many years, let us ensure that our schools teach them something valuable. If we take care of that, we will see that students will come to class on their own.