Coding in Schools?

Why is it important to teach our children coding? The author explains why coding is a skill that should be taught irrespective of the future aspirations of the children. A lot of countries around the world have included coding into their curriculum. Is it time India does the same?

Public v Private | To discard or to improve?

We often talk about how private schools are doing a much better job in the education sector than the public schools. It is one of the main reasons why everyone demands privatisation in the education sector. Does the private sector really do better than the government? If yes, do we then discard the public sector or continue to improve it? What needs to be addressed to improve the state of education?

Teaching children Entrepreneurship

The government has started a lot of programs or schemes to help entrepreneurs. The only problem with that is that it is not doing anything to nurture students into being entrepreneurs. What can the government do to promote it? What have other countries been doing in this regard?

The case for a school librarian

The author talks about how access to libraries leads to sizeable positive impact on reading levels of the students. The impact of having a separate librarian is something which multiplies this positive impact. India has very few libraries compared to other countries and the laws that we have are not adequate to tackle this issue.